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Our Cypress Hives

Cypress: The Eternal Wood
Cypress lumber is well known for it's long life and ability to hold paint. Even without the protection of paint, cypress will last for centuries, acquiring a lovely natural color. Cypress hives are durable, yet lightweight. Cypress contains natural oils that act as preservatives, making it resistant to harsh weather conditions and termites; while also preventing decay and warping.



Parts of the Hive

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Our long-life cypress bee equipment is the best on the market. Quality is our passion, your satisfaction is our priority.
Cypress Hive

Bee Packages, Queens

2016 queens are now available. We ship queens Monday- Thursday UPS next day or Monday- Wednesday UPS 2nd day. Orders called in before 11:00 A.M. Eastern time will usually ship the same day, all orders placed after 11:00 A.M. eastern time will be shipped the next day except on Thursday in which case they will be shipped on the following Monday. Please call our office at 800-333-7677 to place queen orders. Due to varying shipping and insurance options queens can’t be ordered online.

Beekeeping Equipment

  Kits, Hive Bodies & Supers, Bottom Boards, Covers, Frames, Foundation, Nucs,
Queen Excluders
  Smokers, Hive Tools, Hive Feeders
Honey Harvest Equipment:
  Honey Extractors
Honey Collection Equipment
Honey Room Equipment
Queen Rearing Supplies:
  Grafters, markers, wax cell cups
Bee Food & Medication:
  Supplements and Feed
Pest & Disease Control
Honey Containers:
  Plastic, Glass, Labels
Beekeepers Clothing:
  Suits, Gloves, Hats/Veils
Educational Materials:
  Books, Charts, Signs
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