Back in 1936 Mr. J. G. Rossman, known as “Mr. Joe”, began by helping a nearby beekeeper, gaining knowledge and experience about bees. Mr. Joe formed a partnership, Rossman & Long, with a gentleman from Ohio who brought his bees each year to winter in South Georgia and supplied customers in the northern states with packaged bees and queens for use in the production of honey.

In 1952 the partnership was severed and the business became known as Rossman Apiaries, LLC. In the late sixties the company was incorporated by Fred and Phillip Rossman. Mr. Joe has since passed away, and Phillip has retired. Fred and his wife Ann now own and operate the business. In 1987 they expanded to the manufacturing and selling of bee supplies. 


Fred and Ann Rossman took over the business in 1987 becoming the premiere choice for many Apiaries. Fred's expertise in manufacturing and supplying Cypress Wooden ware and Ann's ability to speak with customers about their beekeeping needs set the path for future owners. Fred and Ann have both retired; however, they left the business in great hands. Rossman Apiaries, LLC continues to spread knowledge and quality resources to aspiring beekeepers.

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