Dadant(L135) 3-6 Frame S.S. Elec.(CLEARANCE)

Dadant(L135) 3-6 Frame S.S. Elec.<font color=\"red\">(CLEARANCE)
Designed for beekeepers using primarily 6¼" or shallow frames. Extract 6-6¼" or shallow frames radially or 3 deep (9 1/8") frames tangentially by using optional baskets (L135A sold separately). Stainless welded reel provides positive frame placement. Upper ball bearing. Lower nylon sleeve bearing. Electric power features direct drive electric motor with manually operated electronic speed control. All welded 18" dia. 24" tall 304 stainless tank. 1½" plastic honey gate standard.

This item will ship in two separate cartons, one weighing 70 lbs. and one at 15 lbs. (CLEARANCE)