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(O142D) Terra Brood - 25 lbs., Rossman Apiaries


(O142D) Terra Brood - 25 lbs.

(O142D) Terra Brood - 25 lbs.
Terra-Brood is a ready-to-use medicated feed mix that includes the antibiotic Terramycin, soy flour and powdered sugar. Terra-Brood is fed to the bees in the spring and fall to help prevent European and American Foulbrood. It's so easy to use! Just sprinkle a little Terra-Brood on the top bars of the frames. Detailed instructions are on every jar. Terra-Brood should be used in conjunction with Fumidil-B. Note: As with any medication, never use this product when there is honey on the hive for human consumption.

Treats 100 colonies 3 times at 5 day intervals