(RRF18) Round Section Frames - 8 count

(RRF18) Round Section Frames - 8 count
ROSS ROUNDS SECTION FRAMES are brown in color to contrast with the white rings. This eliminates costly and messy mistakes from forgotten rings. Each Round Section Frame holds four sections.

We recommend using eight (8) Round Section Frames in a Langstroth 10-frame size section super, 4 1/2 inches high, equipped with fixed blocking and a frame-rest board in each end, plus blocking and a fixed follower-board on one side and a loose follower-board held in place by springs on the other side.

We also recommend that Beekeepers using Langstroth 8-frame size equipment use seven- (7) regular Round Section Frames plus thin follower-boards on each side. Most honey supers or racks in use in other countries can be adapted to hold ROSS ROUNDS section frames.