Maxant (L3100P) 6/9-Frame Power Extractor

Maxant (L3100P) 6/9-Frame Power Extractor
For advanced hobby beekeepers – a money maker! Time is money and this machine is fast!

Same as the Hand (L3100H) except with Parvalux Gear Motor and Speed Control. Our most popular machine. Nothing else on the market is quite like it. Extremely well-engineered with a conical bottom. Made from 20 gauge stainless steel. Stiffening rings located at top and bottom. Will extract wood or plastic frames with no modifications. Extracts 6 medium/shallows radially and 3 deeps/medium-shallows tangentially.

This machine is 18.5" in diameter, and 24.5" in height.

Stand sold separately (L3100S)

watch video of 3100P in action