Pest Traps

(M90A) Small Hive-Beetle Trap (M90A) Small Hive-Beetle Trap $15.00 2.20 Buy Now
(M90B) Beetle Baffle (M90B) Beetle Baffle $16.00 1.00 Buy Now
(M90B-R) Beetle Baffle Rim (M90B-R) Beetle Baffle Rim $2.50 0.30 Buy Now
(M90B-RA) Complete Beetle Baffle with Rim (M90B-RA) Complete Beetle Baffle with Rim $21.00 0.50 Buy Now
(M90C) Beetle Hotel (M90C) Beetle Hotel $5.00 0.09 Buy Now
(M90D) Beetle Barn (M90D) Beetle Barn $1.50 0.06 Buy Now
(M90E) Cutts Beetle Blaster (M90E) Cutts Beetle Blaster $1.60 0.06 Buy Now
(M90T) Beetle Jail Baitable (M90T) Beetle Jail Baitable $3.00 0.06 Buy Now

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