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Our History
Mr. Joe and Angeline

Back in 1936 Mr. J. G. Rossman, known as "Mr. Joe", began by helping a nearby beekeeper, gaining knowledge and experience about bees. Mr. Joe formed a partnership, Rossman & Long, with a gentleman from Ohio who brought his bees each year to winter in South Georgia and supplied customers in the northern states with packaged bees and queens for use in the production of honey.

In 1952 the partnership was severed and the business became known as Rossman Apiaries. In the late sixties the company was incorporated by Fred and Phillip Rossman. Mr. Joe has since passed away, and Phillip has retired. Fred and his wife Ann now own and operate the business. In 1987 they expanded to the manufacturing and selling of bee supplies.

About Us
Fred Rossman now specializes in manufacturing and supplying Cypress Woodenware which has become the premier choice for many Apiaries.
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Ann Rossman handles the office and is always willing to speak with you about your beekeeping supply needs.
Fred Rossman Ann Rossman

Bee Packages, Queens

We are sold out of 2017 bee packages. We are still taking orders on Queens for late Spring and Summer. Please call our office at 1-800-333-7677 for Queen availability.

Beekeeping Equipment

  Kits, Hive Bodies & Supers, Bottom Boards, Covers, Frames, Foundation, Nucs,
Queen Excluders
  Smokers, Hive Tools, Hive Feeders
Honey Harvest Equipment:
  Honey Extractors
Honey Collection Equipment
Honey Room Equipment
Queen Rearing Supplies:
  Grafters, markers, wax cell cups
Bee Food & Medication:
  Supplements and Feed
Pest & Disease Control
Honey Containers:
  Plastic, Glass, Labels
Beekeepers Clothing:
  Suits, Gloves, Hats/Veils
Educational Materials:
  Books, Charts, Signs
Georgia Beekeepers Association